Electronics Yorkshire Case Study: Controlled Speed Ltd
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How Electronics Yorkshire helped Controlled Speed Ltd

Our company has really benefited from the support provided in the Electronics Yorkshire Technology Centre after we recently encountered a problem with one of our products, when it was discovered that it wasn’t functioning properly.

Controlled Speed designs and manufactures both AC and DC motor speed controls, supplying a leading-edge product range to major manufacturers of stair lifts and industrial factory equipment.

We visited the technology centre in Leeds where Electronics Yorkshire’s experts were able to provide advice and assistance in resolving the problem. By using its state-of-the-art X-ray device, together with the latest BGA inspection equipment, the team at Electronics Yorkshire soon established that the product’s bond out wires were damaged, having been flushed away by a static strike.

The fact that Controlled Speed was able to discover the root of the problem by utilising the advanced testing equipment meant we could go back to our supplier with proof that the static strike was their problem and that it needed fixing immediately.

We were delighted with the support we received and for being able to test and inspect our product at Electronics Yorkshire’s technology centre. The advanced testing equipment proved invaluable in identifying the problem and enabled us to come up with a simple solution which was quickly rectified by our supplier.

Tony Fielden, quality manager/senior development engineer

Controlled Speed Ltd, Quantum House, Challenge Way, Batley WF17 6JN