Electronics Yorkshire Case Study: Filtronic plc
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How Electronics Yorkshire helped Filtronic plc

Dr Andy Parks, engineer at Filtronic plc, explains how Electronics Yorkshire’s training and technical resource enabled Filtronic to introduce BGA procedures into their R&D structure:

‘Traditionally, we have steered clear from using ball grid array (BGA) components in the development of new products within Filtronic. Other than the obvious difficulties in debugging circuits comprising such components, the lack of in-house assembly equipment has been the major contributing factor for their absence in our designs.

‘Recently this has had to change. With advancing designs, high-speed digital circuits, and higher density board population requirements, the decision to take the plunge and use BGA packaged components was taken. PCBs were then designed and fabricated, leaving only the problem of how to attach the BGA components themselves.

‘This is where Electronics Yorkshire came to our assistance; we were directed to the local training establishment which had the capability of offering courses and the use of their comprehensive BGA mounting facility. After a few hours of one-to-one instruction on BGA mounting techniques, followed by instruction on X-ray diagnostics to establish if good attachment had been obtained, I left with my boards populated.

‘This facility has opened up a new range of technologies available to us within our internal R&D structure, along with ease of access compatible with our rapid turn-around time requirements.’

Dr Andy Panks, engineer

Filtronic plc, Unit 2, Acorn Park, Charlestown, Shipley, Bradford BD17 7SW