Electronics Yorkshire Case Study: PD Technology Ltd
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How Electronics Yorkshire helped PD Technology Ltd

PD Technology Ltd, based in Bradford, is a leading manufacturer of specialist control equipment for the garage door and roller shutter industry. The company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products to provide safety and security features for business and home security.

According to Antony Firth, works manager at PD Technology, it was realised that to ensure continued quality and stability of its products during the transition from leaded solder to lead-free solder, and thus be compliant with recent RoHS Directive, it would be appropriate for staff involved in the production of its integrated PCBs to be trained on lead-free soldering application.

Although its subcontractor had already begun to work with lead-free solder PD Technology arranged its PCB production workforce to attend lead-free soldering training courses at Electronics Yorkshire.

PD Technology sent eleven members of staff on two courses in June 2007. According to Susan, who led the team, the staff found these courses beneficial in increasing their confidence of working with lead-free solder, ensuring that they applied the correct techniques to production processes. Over the period that the training took place the company also acquired new soldering irons able to work with the increased temperatures demanded of lead-free soldering.

In recent months there has been a downturn in orders but Susan Hewitt believes that the fact that the staff is fully trained and confident in working under the new demands of lead-free techniques ensures the company is well placed to attract future contracts. At the same time PD Technology has the added confidence to know that its products can be produced in the future to the exacting standards demanded by its customers whilst being fully compliant with recent legislation.

Somfy Ltd (formerly PD Technology Ltd), Moorfield Road, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7BN