Electronics Yorkshire Case Study: Reliance Precision Ltd :1
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How Electronics Yorkshire helped Reliance Precision Ltd :1

Alex Greenhalgh, Production Engineering Manager at Reliance Precision Ltd relates how, once the company had discovered the facilities of Electronics Yorkshire, it has developed an on-going test and training partnership.

‘Reliance Precision Ltd of Huddersfield is a unique, high integrity, integrated, mechatronics company supplying precise motion control solutions to the aerospace, defence, medical, scientific and high vacuum industries.

‘We produce sub-micron machined components, intricate electro-mechanical sub-assemblies and associated components for high accuracy position measurement and feedback applications.

‘The company recently had to prove the soldered joint integrity of manufactured items and realised that these parts required X-ray test facilities to ensure that no voids existed within the joints.

‘After making a number of enquiries we discovered the X-ray test facilities at Electronics Yorkshire and a 12-month programme of testing proved the products to be without defect.

‘Since the initial introduction to Electronics Yorkshire, Reliance has put staff through the IPC/ANSI J Standard Application Specialist status training which has assisted the company to develop its presence with systems integrators within the aerospace contract industry.

‘Reliance is looking forward to a continued involvement with Electronics Yorkshire.’

Alex Greenhalgh, production engineering manager

Reliance Precision Ltd, Rowley Mills, Penistone Road, Lepton, Huddersfield HD8 0LE