Electronics Yorkshire Case Study: Stonegate Instruments Ltd
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How Electronics Yorkshire helped Stonegate Instruments Ltd

Stonegate was established in the late 1970s to develop and manufacture temperature alarm systems. The company offers high quality innovative solutions to the refrigeration industry, with continuing investment in people and technology. Stonegate’s stated aim is to provide efficient, cost-effective design and manufacturing with a professional service. They deliver low to medium manufacturing quantities with a quick and responsive service.

Following consultation with Electronics Yorkshire, Stonegate Instruments put all five of their key technical staff through Electronics Yorkshire’s industry standard soldering course at their centre in north-west Leeds.

The knowledge gained by the staff in understanding quality issues has enabled the company to become more competitive. The confidence the staff have gained through training has resulted in the company work-force operating with a far more flexible approach to production needs, and when further up-skilling is required this will be viewed far more positively by all concerned.

Shaun Evers, managing director

Stonegate Instruments Ltd, Unit 11, Peter Laycock Estate, Education Road, Leeds LS7 2AL