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About Electronics Yorkshire

Electronics Yorkshire is uniquely equipped to support the UK's electronics industry

Electronics Yorkshire is a training, technology and resource centre focused on supporting the electronics industry across the UK. The Training and Technology Centre, together with much of its high-tech equipment, is available to be used for analysis and testing, as well as for staff training away from your workplace.

Support for the electronics sector is delivered through:

  • IPC and skills-enhancing training courses for company staff across all levels
  • Leading edge equipment for resolving technical issues
  • Membership services that benefit companies across the UK


Electronics Yorkshire Team

The Electronics Yorkshire staff are here to help you to succeed.
Call us on 0113 274 4270; alternatively email

Stuart Flack 
Managing Director

Peter Masefield 
Marketing & Communications

Eric Hinsley
Master IPC Trainer

John O'Neill
Master IPC Trainer

Peter Burnley
Master IPC Trainer

Kevin Whitehead
Apprenticeships Manager

David Williamson
Apprenticeships Assessor


Mike Sollitt
Electronics Tutor


Ana Rosselló
Office Manager


Electronics Yorkshire Board of Directors

The Electronics Yorkshire Board of Directors is drawn from the electronics industry and each member serves on an independent non-executive basis. 

Chairman: Dave Carr

Operations Manager - Calrec Audio Ltd, Halifax

Vice-Chairman: Geoffrey Swales

Managing Director - Bulk Air Ltd, Bradford

Finance Director: Keith Gibbeson

Managing Director - Vulcan Telematics Ltd, Malton

Company Secretary: Peter Brooks

ESCO, Sheffield

Managing Director: Stuart Flack

Electronics Yorkshire, Leeds

Electronics Yorkshire brief history

In 2003 Electronics Yorkshire Limited was formed; an independently-run company limited by guarantee and with a board of non-executive directors drawn from the electronics industry.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Electronics Yorkshire has helped many businesses resolve technical problems, clarifying disputed issues and ensuring staff understand how to achieve work levels expected of their company.


Client Testimonials

Here are some examples of the typical feedback we have received from clients:


'It was one of the best things I have done to join Electronics Yorkshire'

Tim Copp, Director, Arden Electronics Ltd


"The CIT course was really informative and delivered exactly what was promised"

Rick Knowles, Quality Engineer, Cobham Defence Communications Ltd


'The training and facilities at Electronics Yorkshire were excellent and exceeded our expectations'

Gerald Gutteridge, Technical Trainer, BSKYB Repair - UTL


'I was very impressed with the equipment available at Electronics Yorkshire. The technical expertise and level of support we received were just outstanding'

Jean-Francois Pieri, Technical Director, Monica Healthcare Ltd


'As always, I am impressed with Electronics Yorkshire's vast wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to help!'

Paul Crowther, Manufacturing Technician, SMT Developments Ltd


Case Studies

The following are just a few interesting Case Studies provided by some of the companies Electronics Yorkshire has worked with over the past few years – follow each link for more facts:

ABI Electronics Ltd

ABI Electronics’ managing director believes that the excellent support received from Electronics Yorkshire has been vital in improving manufacturing capabilities, so as to safeguard contracts and expand the operation with the creation of new jobs. In addition, through the IPC training and development input, ABI has generated a highly enthusiastic and motivated team.

Calrec Audio Ltd

Andrew Timme, product engineering manager at Calrec Audio believes that the support received from Electronics Yorkshire has assisted Calrec in making fault diagnoses on several occasions, saving engineers time and effort and the company money.

Controlled Speed Engineering

Tony Fielden, quality manager/senior development engineer at Controlled Speed Engineering explains that, by utilising the advanced testing equipment at Electronics Yorkshire, they could go back with proof that a problem lay with the supplier.


Dracup Ltd

Brian Jaikens, development & IT manager at Dracup explained that where possible, the company prefers design and manufacturing work to be carried out by companies in the region and it has been very helpful to outsource the work locally and the Electronics Yorkshire website and tender service have played a vital role in this.’

EchoStar Europe

Teresa Davy, resources and marketing manager at EchoStar Europe, an electronics design consultancy based in Steeton, West Yorkshire explains how Electronics Yorkshire was able to assist a world leading producer in the consumer electronics market.

Electroparts Ltd

Carol Swallow, managing director of Electroparts Ltd, describes how Electronics Yorkshire enabled Electroparts Ltd to meet its future training needs.

Elite Electronic Systems

Jackie Beresford, training manager at Elite Electronic Systems explains how Electronics Yorkshire's training has helped to retain existing contracts as well as win new business from customers who have clients demanding that products are manufactured to an internationally recognised quality standard such as IPC.

Filtronic Comtek plc

Dr Andy Parks, engineer at Filtronic Comtek plc, explains how Electronics Yorkshire’s Training and Technical Resource enabled Filtronic Comtek to introduce BGA procedures into their R&D structure.

Finch Electronics Ltd

Jeremy Hacking, marketing manager at Finch, says that Electronics Yorkshire will provide invaluable support to Finch Electronics who are looking forward to realising the comprehensive benefits that being a member of the network will bring to developing the business further.

Marilake Aero Systems

Gerry Griffiths, managing director, says Marilake Aero Systems employ the highest standards in manufacturing procedures and as a leading accredited electronics training centre, Electronics Yorkshire has already proved invaluable in training staff to industry standards.

PD Technology Ltd

Antony Firth, works manager at PD Technology, says it was realised that to ensure continued quality and stability of its products during the transition from leaded solder to lead-free solder it would be appropriate for staff involved in the production of its integrated PCBs to be trained on lead-free soldering application.

Reliance Precison Ltd:1

Alex Greenhalgh, production engineering manager at Reliance Precision Ltd relates how, once the company had discovered the facilities of Electronics Yorkshire, it has developed an on-going test and training partnership.

Reliance Precision Ltd:2

Mick Hallam, training officer at Reliance Precision explains how Electronics Yorkshire delivers high value training which has been key in continuing to maintain the highest standards in manufacturing processes and procedures. Continued training of this type is a core part of working successfully in the aerospace industry.

S2S Electronics Ltd

Geoff Oughtibridge, technical manager, has said that S2S regard training of its staff to IPC A-610 to be a central part of its ongoing training programme. The IPC course has helped to raise quality awareness throughout its manufacturing process and provided a sound basis for further specialised training.

SMS Electronics

Chris Hunt, sales and marketing director at SMS Electronics, says staff have attended some informative Electronics Yorkshire seminars and, as full membership permits, responded to specific tender opportunities through the tendering section on Electronics Yorkshire’s website, and will use the state-of-the-art testing equipment in the technology centre as requirements demand.

Sound Leisure Ltd

Pete Longley, health & safety manager at Sound Leisure Ltd, explains how Sound Leisure utilised the testing facilities at Electronics Yorkshire to check several of their electronics components.

Stonegate Instruments Ltd

Shaun Evers, managing director of Stonegate Instruments Ltd, realises that the knowledge gained by the staff in understanding quality issues has enabled the company to become more competitive.T

Teledyne Defence Ltd

Pat Ferrie, product development manager at Teledyne Defence Ltd reviews the way the company uses Electronics Yorkshire’s advanced testing equipment on a regular basis to ensure that components and products are fit for purpose.

Zetechtics Ltd

Tim Overfield, managing director at Zetechtics explains that having staff trained to IPC standards is an essential and integral part of the ongoing training programme as Electronics Yorkshire continues to deliver high quality training which has been key in maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing processes and procedures.